Reduce demand: Join the library

I owned a Kindle for my train ride to work, but unfortunately it was trod on. I had to decide whether to buy a new one, or go back to a more dependable book.

There are opposing arguments for ebooks, see here. In the end, I decided to avoid all the discussions of ewaste, so I joined the library instead.

There are varying carbon footprint assessments for paperback books. 2.71kg CO2 for a book sold in America. I read a book a week on average, so by sharing my books in a library rather than buying, I could be Continue reading

Living the Carbon Lite Action Plan

Carbon Lite Cardiff

I am not the only one to have completed a carbon audit on my lifestyle. Cardiff also reviewed the impact the city has on our planet. The report shows that in 2010, the per capita emissions were 7.6 tonnes per year. A Welsh average per capita emissions value was Continue reading