Living the Carbon Lite Action Plan

Carbon Lite Cardiff

I am not the only one to have completed a carbon audit on my lifestyle. Cardiff also reviewed the impact the city has on our planet. The report shows that in 2010, the per capita emissions were 7.6 tonnes per year. A Welsh average per capita emissions value was 11.1 tonnes.

This was comprised of 42% industry and commercial gas and electricity usage, 28% road transport, and 30% domestic gas and electricity usage.

The plan requires that its citizens make lifestyle changes in order to meet our targets to become a one planet city, along with businesses.

For regular people, the action plan requires:

  • 48% of journeys to work to be completed using sustainable transport by 2013, with cycle use increasing by 15% per year.
  • Major reduction in waste to landfill.

I’ll give it a go, however I can’t find a single update about how we are progressing with this target… Anyone want to enlighten me?

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